We Build Companies

We are a unique seed program designed for the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs

Today, Founders are innovating World to disrupt incumbent business models. These next generation startups are reshaping India and fostering a unique and progressive ecosystem of entrepreneurship. We seek to establish long term relationships with founders and contribute positively from the very first day of our journey together. To maximize impact and reduce time to market we provide an integrated platform with all essential components for success. These include Seed capital, technology Support (domain, hosting), office space, mentorship, access to elite advisors and a lot more.

Challenges every moment

Transferring Ideas to business models comes up with its own challenges. We adapt to culture and habits of Internet generation of India to deliver services to them.

As part of our strategy we first understand the need of our user and then develop our solution that address to that need, We believe that in current era packaging is as important as Product, so we give importance to delivery, packaging, graphics and most importantly to user experience.

Market Opportunity

We believe that the Internet penetration in our daily lives will be faster than we can imagine. Our goal is to capture the largest possible share of consumer that spend their time online or those who can be provided Internet Services without doing transactions online but through Offline modes.


Potential Customers


Mobile Subscribers


Online hours

Developing Infrastructure

We as entrepreneurs understand only one thing - Deliver when required, and it’s very important to deliver at the right time, therefore its important for us to choose that medium with which our services can be delivered at the right time.

We use resources like local knowledge to telecom networks to provide our services, though we are Positron Internet, but with time we are trying to rely on Telecom networks to provide our services in future, because providing services in India with or without Internet is our mission.

We invest in Idea and people, money is never our first priority but scalability

Our Business model is very simple -Transforming Ideas into Business and for the same we build companies with the potential to affect billions of lives. We always aim at providing our services to every last person in India and focus on scalable business models which hold novelty in idea or execution.

We explore opportunities to turn them into successful businesses

Our aim is to create network of companies that can solve day to day problems of India, Our platform rests on four pillars.

Lean Model

We follow five step Lean model processes in our startups – from identifying Value to establishing and protecting it. We believe and support Asset Light models.

Shared Resource Pool

For every venture in our guidance, we want to support it as co-founders and not as external Investors. We create a common pool of shared resources for each of our venture to help everyone grow together.

New Generation Talent

We are probably the youngest startup in the country which has average age of people working in our group under 25 years, our group is of Golden 90's and the Gen X brings tons of energy to fulfil our entrepreneurial dreams.


At the end of day, the basic keystone behind every venture at Positron Internet is Innovation, Innovation and Innovation. From business idea to its execution to its promotion, Innovation is in our blood, it’s our flesh.

Sudhanshu Goyal

Founder & CEO

Sudhanshu Goyal, born in 1992, holds Post graduate Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Sudhanshu was in his late teen years when he helped his father in managing a multi business group of manufacturing Industries, when he joined his family business in 2010 after dropping out from a prestigious undergraduate college the business was on verge of bankruptcy owning to losses caused by the Global Recession of 2008. Before starting Positron Internet and its maiden venture Chikoop from the money that he has saved from his previous small scale startups, he has also worked with Zee Media Group and Adani Group.