Latest Press Releases

Positron to launch Chikoopay

Bengaluru, October 2018: Positron Internet's company Chikoopay to launch its all-in-one digital payments card, that will make ofline payments easy for consumers and avoid need to carry wallet and many debit, credit and other ID cards, the need felt because we see that our wallets are cluttered and with increasing digital initiatives and technology it can be fitted into one card.

Positron Invest in Plazmatio - product design startup

Hyderabad, September 2018: Positron Internet has invested in Plazmatio. Plazmatio is digital and product design agency providing its services to top 2500 companies in India. The designers at plazmatio has designed everything from a mobile phone to a pre-engineered building. Plazmatio is one of the fastest growing digital agency in India.