We admire Google for work-space


We believe in open culture as many of startups or that of giants like Google, In fact its people at Positron Internet that makes it innovative and ever happening company. We believe in hiring few intellectuals and creatives than office full of employees. Our management would like to interact personally to every individual of positron Internet. We always look for enthusiastic, smart and determined candidates for Positron Internet. We always give priority to ability and creativity over experience or IIT/IIM tag. We hire from all colleges and people from all walks of life, we promote diversity but generally we prefer young candidates at Positron Internet preferably below twenty five years of age when they join entry level job at our organisation. We believe in comfortable work life balance and therefore we don't like our employees devote time with us above their human abilities. also in office we aim to provide them with time and resources to enjoy their life with us playing games , having fun. Every member of Positron Internet is more than a employee to us, everyone consist of our family.

To promote creativity we like our members to share ideas among themselves and with organizations, we help our employees to work on their own ventures and startups with us, we also expect them to work with us with an entrepreneurial spirit rather than a service mindset. Every positron Internet member has direct access to CEO of Positron Internet, they can drop email / SMS to CEO at any hour of their work, they can call anyone is office by their names, Can contact / call CEO anytime in office hours. We want to have one small happy family at Positron Internet than traditional Indian hierarchical organization.

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